My respond to hfsghhd

2017-09-18 11:13:54 by mariomadness2004

@hfsghhd hmmm.....

what you think after I respond to you 1 time ,  you are still telling ugly word's to me ,

bruh you are not redy.

You first start telling me ,,You are idiot, degenerate'' .... You are first start to say something about my parents.

You yust get back on this post's :

 You have more followers , but you are nothing becouse you are not show me respect :(

Telling me than i am degenerate , ok. Why you still doing that(hate)....... oops I forgot you are kido who have 9 years and you can yust say feget,degenerat   to me ...... just whit keyboard :(

You thing you are something bigger.. hehe , nope Kido go watch something like this :

And I am not reacting on your hate ,,messeges (comments)'' becouse I know you can just hate with somebody

@hfsghhd And I can say I don't want to reply (respond) to your stupid sentences or with your fail movies.

I know you are crying in corner :)

So I leave you alone , becouse I know your tits still flabby :)

you read your first respond on this :

The end guy /s' ,, I lose evry respect for you, and am not more cared about your comeback ( if you respond you will need more time)

Sry guys but I really won't make this :)





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2017-09-18 12:41:18

Lol wtf you just sux dix, learn english kid and dont stop sensless drama
#teamhfsghhd anyway

(Updated ) mariomadness2004 responds:

You fuc''' idiot , kido
Please go in your bed and watch teletubbies :)
And anyway I'm trying someting learn and ..... go in corner with hfsghhd


2017-09-18 13:24:44

Learn a bit english, mate, and you should stop with this "drama" It's getting ridicolous

mariomadness2004 responds:

My keyboard is not the best , so sry for bed english.


2017-09-18 13:27:52

Lol I said 'little autist' about hfsghhd, not you.

mariomadness2004 responds:

oh, sorry


2017-09-19 14:50:02

Cool broken English war you havin' here. Anyways, I think that guy is a bit of a retard, that's all.

mariomadness2004 responds:

Hahaha :)


2017-12-22 07:43:35