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Makeing something : ,,Sweet''

2017-07-10 10:59:32 by mariomadness2004

5855793_149969869922_Screenshot_2017-07-10-16-52-10.png @Ante45




2017-07-08 05:35:43 by mariomadness2004

@MadnessWolf thanks for unfollow.

Also i just want say you can send me your spirites or you can give me advice for animation.

Something like this :

 I go animateing one longer animation whit background and some stuff and details.

@Ante45 Jesi napravio više ( pošalji mi da vidin) ?

And for the end stand still :)




Like a boss

2017-06-24 09:16:17 by mariomadness2004

Hey guys I am trying to  get soft moment and more realistic animation.

This is my test I know falling need be more slower and softer, so I am going to fix it in my next animations :

Spoiler for my animation (makeing it 3-4 days)  :


Also  @YumiPan   spirites :)


2017-06-21 04:07:57 by mariomadness2004

Like I said :



I'm trying now to animate whit 2 or more madness combat guys :)


Also Lumberjack is sleeping whit you, Lel.


About Fans

2017-06-18 07:58:08 by mariomadness2004

Ok guys I'm really sorry for my ,,long brake"

You can give me some ideas(advices) for art.

Also  @Ante45  is close to 80 fans, I think we can help him whit it :)

In my last post i not put test becouse ,,Top secret"

And  for the end stand still.

test :



Start something new

2017-06-15 09:43:10 by mariomadness2004

About stickman collab:  I just can say sorry or collab is chrashed (fail)

I make some test about madness combat, when i back home i going to finish it,,.....

Also school is finished that means ,, Huh , I am going to sleep. "




-Short post-







2017-05-01 03:44:24 by mariomadness2004

I'm   R .I. P


@Ante45  Hahaha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( SHUT THE F... UP!!!)

Still remember that moment in school.

Who is from Spain, congratulations for Barcelona ( who follow football )

And for the end of this post picture with no sence of time :


Happy Valentine's day

2017-02-14 09:38:14 by mariomadness2004

My girl mad( I not buy present)



2017-01-20 08:47:09 by mariomadness2004

Ok dudes...

Dead line  is  9.2.2017

All scene need be finished.

This is intro:¬if_t=video_processed¬if_id=1484918908590152

Members in collab or visitors can say is it good ???

 Also I can say:,,I am not bed in hand''